Monday, April 30, 2012

Aerostich Catalog 2012

Remember how you felt as a kid when the Sears Christmas "Wish Book" arrived?  Well, that's always been me with the Aerostich catalog. So imagine how I felt when it arrived a few days ago and, with no forewarning, finding a pic of me on the cover. OK, I would've been cool  if the pic were an "action shot" on my motorcycle, or posing somewhere interesting or in super-nasty weather, but "Pogo 'Stiching" will suffice for my 15 minutes of (not quite) fame.

Photo by a daughter who doesn't want her name associated with such silliness.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 ATV Safety Tips For Beginners

10 ATV Safety Tips For Beginners

Have you ever been curious about how to ride an ATV? If you already own a motorcycle, there’s a good chance that the opportunity to ride one will come up. All states require a license in order to operate an ATV on public land. That license requires passing a safety course. You can take an online ATV course Oregon or Delaware, as long as you choose the one specific to your state (regulations can differ).

Here are ten basic safety tips you to give you a primer on ATV riding:

1. Most state laws require that all riders under 18 wear a helmet while riding on public land. They advise all riders to wear helmets at all times regardless of terrain or conditions.

2. All ATV riders under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times. That adult must have passed the ATV course and hold a valid license.

3. Prior to riding an ATV, a rider should always perform an inspection of the vehicle. Ensure that the brakes are operating properly and that the tires have proper air pressure.

4. Prior to riding in an unfamiliar area, all ATV riders should inspect the area and manage debris. Always check familiar areas after there has been a storm or some other significant event.

5. Wear protective clothing at all times. In addition to guarding the head, protective clothing should cover the hands, knuckles, feet, ankles and lower legs. Full body protection is not a bad idea.

6. You must be able to see to ride properly. Most helmets have built-in eye protection. Whenever the view area becomes dirty to the point of obstruction, stop to clean it.

7. Always ride with the correct posture: Head and eyes up, looking ahead. Relax shoulders and bend the elbows out slightly. Hands on the handlebars and feet on the footrests at all times.

8. Never ride with a passenger, whether on the seat or the handlebars. An ATV requires the driver’s weight to shift in order to steer properly, and that is not possible with a passenger.

9. Never drive intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. This is against the law and it is highly dangerous. Even small amounts of alcohol can significantly impair your judgment.

10. Brake carefully by releasing the throttle, shifting to a lower gear, and then applying both the front and rear bakes equally. Never ride so fast that you are not comfortable performing all of these steps.


Remember, knowing is only half the battle. It is up to you to apply this knowledge each time you ride. Do not become the experienced rider who lets experience override common sense.

*** This post is courtesy of, a provider of online ATV operator training ***

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Five Ways to Reduce Motorcycle Insurance Costs

5 Ways to Reduce Your Motorcycle Insurance Costs

Owning a motorcycle can be expensive, and a big component of that is the cost of insurance. Many new bike owners are stunned when they see their first quote. Here are five steps that you can take to reduce the costs of your motorcycle insurance:

Image Source: Bargain Insurance Agency

1. Shop Around and Online

The biggest mistake you can make is settling for the first quote you receive. Insurance rates for bikes fluctuate a great deal, even more so than with cars. Shop around. Test various policy configurations. If you prefer having a local agent, then use the best online quotes as a negotiation tactic with that local agent.

2. Bundle Bike Insurance with other Policies

Most major insurance companies provide significant discounts for customers who combine multiple policies, including car, bike, boat, RV, home, life and so forth. Give serious consideration to consolidating your policies, and use the multiple policies as a factor when quote shopping. But never let insurance lapse, particularly with a vehicle. When consolidating, the agent will manage the logistics of it.

3. Limit Coverage and Increase the Deductibles

The easiest ways to reduce insurance is to reduce the coverage and increase the deductibles. When it comes to coverage, most riders only need what the law requires. For most, a bike is simply a luxury, so do you really need a policy that will replace it if you total it and are at fault? Likewise, put those deductibles up as high as the policy will allow.

4. Participate in Training and Safety Courses

Many insurance companies provide additional discounts for riders who participate in training and safety courses. In some cases, there are multiple courses that you can participate in, with each one carrying a discount. Keep in mind that you’re responsible for the cost of the course, so think of it as a long-term investment. That discount will stick with you as long as have your policy with the same company.

5. Anti-Theft Device and Low Mileage Discount

Most insurance companies provide a discount for an anti-theft device on a motorcycle. But it must be an approved device, so check with the company before buying it. Sometimes, they can sell it to you at a discount. If you already own the device, keep that in mind when quote shopping. Insurers also provide good discounts for riders who ride infrequently. Weekend warrior discounts are getting even better now that they have devices that can track usage. 
Ride Safe!

This post is courtesy of La Capitale, providers of motorcycle insurance in Canada.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Huge Adventure Gear Giveaway!

RevZilla is giving away some awesome Spidi gear this month. To enter, click over to RevZilla's April contest pageThe big winner this month will receive Spidi's Marathon H2Out jacketMarathon H2Out pants, Motorrad H2Out gloves, and a Warrior Comp 510 back protector! That, my friends, is over $1200 worth of gear. Two Second Prize winners will receive $50 Revzilla gift certificates.

While you're on RevZilla's site, take a look around at what RevZilla has to offer the serious adventure or sport-touring motorcyclist. Why shop RevZilla? I can tell you why I do: fast, free shipping for orders over $39.99; TeamZilla cash back program; "no  hassle" exchanges; price match guarantee; and above all, RevZilla's top-flight reputation among riders I know for its customer service and product knowledge. Let 'em know Tilted Horizons sent ya!

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

New Aerostich Inflatable Shade Tree!

Hot off the presses from Riderwearhouse/Aerostich:

New Aerostich Inflatable Shade Tree

The biggest of 156 all-new items in the new 2012 Aerostich/RiderWearHouse catalogs...and a must-have on any road trip. Deploys quickly and converts any barren roadside area into an oasis of shaded respite. Available in four arboreal varieties: Douglas Fir, White Pine, Walnut or Maple. Each inflates to a full-grown 20'x10', yet packs small enough to carry along on every ride. Set-up is fast and easy with optional compressor/inflator. Enjoy nearly instantaneous shade in any environment. A survival aid in arid desert scenarios which makes impromptu repairs tolerable under even the most relentless broiling sun. Rugged Chinese-engineered construction ensures many seasons of trouble free use. Prices start at $309.17, including patch kit, Kevlar guy lines and Ti stakes. Forest pack deal: Fifth tree is free with purchase of four.

Aerostich Inflatable Shade Tree Features:

  • Compact, lightweight portable shade.
  • Four arboreal varieties.
  • No watering needed.
  • Create a shaded oasis almost anywhere.
  • Packs to a conveniently portable 8"x4.5"x1.25".
  • Chinese-engineered, includes repair kit.