Friday, August 16, 2013

August Ephrata & Haag's RTEs

Last Sunday I rode up to the monthly Ride-to-Eat event at the Haag's Hotel in Shartlesville, PA; the Ephrata, PA RTE the Sunday prior.  Both turnouts were lower than typical given the great weather, but there were still a few motorcycles that made me smile.
Much older & yet in better shape than I
This Bultaco is, I believe,  a '67 250cc 
Jim Pomeroy's autograph on above Bultaco (you're too young if you have to ask)

No idea what model this ol' 2-stroke 'Zook is. Mid-1960s?

Baby rat bike

Eddie Lawson Replica?
The Trumpet of James from The Pace Podcast 

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Killington Classic Rally Relocates

The Director of the Killington Classic announced today that Vermont's largest annual motorcycle rally will be relocated to a new central location on Killington Road, The Foundry at Summit Pond. “It’s a gorgeous location that our attendees will love,” Event Director Christian Dutcher stated, “and enables us to centralize everything there: the stunt shows, the vendor village, field events, judging, live music and awards. The Foundry location is possibly the most attractive location in the area and is nearer to motels, restaurants, attractions and scenic Route 100. It's only a mile up Killington Road and there's lots of free parking, so we are delighted to have found it." Chris Karr, owner of The Foundry said, “We’re excited to be named headquarters for the Killington Classic and we'll open up our grounds to this classic event for Labor Day Weekend. Our large sweeping decks overlook the pond, with geese and views of Killington and Pico peaks in the distance. It's a natural gathering spot and the riders will enjoy our excellent food and music." Dutcher continued, "Our Saturday night dinner will be at The Summit Resort, which happens to be a stone’s throw from The Foundry. Everything just works so well at this new location.” (The mini-tours and the fireworks show will be from locations adjacent to the new HQ. The Friday afternoon parade to the party in Rutland will depart its traditional location up the hill on the Killington access road.) Riders can preregister at ... ategory=50 (to save some $ and get first choice of events) or post-enter at the event and take pot luck. 

For more information, phone 518-798-0858 or visit: 

About The Killington Classic:
The Killington Classic is an annual event supported by the Town of Killington. It is now managed by Americade, with assistance from many Vermont-based motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix preview - The MotoGP Season heats up!

The Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix is to be held this year from 16th to the 18th of August and is, as always, a must-see event in the MotoGP year. Indianapolis is of course the iconic home of motor racing, having been hosting races since 1909, but it is relatively new to motorcycle racing, the Grand Prix this year being just the sixth one staged there, but the city has taken the bikes to its heart and the crowd will be enormous. The bikes race on a similar layout to the one used for the F1 US Grand Prix, running anti-clockwise on a 16-turn road circuit of just over two and a half miles that incorporates part of the Speedway’s famous oval. If you like your bike races exciting, then Indianapolis is the place to be this August.
Exciting for everyone
MotoGP events are really exciting to watch, being faster and shorter than F1 Grand Prix races. Only a small proportion of the general population ride a motorbike at all, let alone at such incredible speeds and on such challenging bends. Unlike F1 which seems quite tame by comparison, you don’t have to be a rider to understand the thrill of it all. When you are next looking for Express Insurance, think what it must be like to routinely ride in such conditions – not exactly run of the mill commuting, that’s for sure.
Teams and riders
Thirteen teams are competing at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix this year and it promises to be a tight race. Marc Marquez, riding for the Repsol Honda team will certainly be one to watch; he has been in the top five – often number one – in all the Grand Prix races of this season bar one. His team are nine-times winners of the World Riders’ Championships and looking good for another year.
Part of a longer break
If you are due a holiday, why not make the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix part of it. Although distances are relatively large, travel in the US is easy and comparatively cheap, so you could include lots of other sightseeing in your break quite easily. In Indianapolis you are, for instance, less than three hours drive from Chicago and in the other direction there are any number of national parks to enjoy. There are also loads of historical sites to visit, from Lexington to Little Rock (for all the Bill Clinton fans out there). If you opt for Chicago, once you are on the shores of the Great Lakes you are in for a treat, with some of the most beautiful countryside in the area at your feet. Getting to the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix is really easy as the International airport is close to downtown Indianapolis and there is a really efficient shuttle bus. Airports don’t usually create too much affection from users, but this one seems to be really popular with everyone who uses it, as it is efficient, clean, and most importantly, cheap to get food and drink.
Author Bio: Lee Thurgur is a petrol head from Oxfordshire whose father introduced him to a love off all things engine related and he has been obsessed ever since.

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Friday, August 02, 2013

Biker Essentials: Jackets

As a motorcyclist, there are some items that should be considered absolutely necessary when it comes to travel.

Though much of the modern reach of this great American past time is now based on the many noteworthy fashions and styles related to the wider culture itself, today we shall be covering the more legitimate, essential side of things.
Where else to begin on such a topic than suitable jackets for motorcycles?

 Whatever you like to call them, biker jackets, riding jackets, motorcycle jackets, I’m sure that we can all agree on their massive relevance within this passion of ours.
There are few who would even start the engine of their bike without first pulling on their jacket, and though this may be widely to do with the sublime and uncompromising identity most find in doing so, I like to think that motorcycle enthusiasts are a bunch far less reckless than most would care to perceive.
The truth is that, aside from a bike itself, biker jackets from are at the top, or at least should be at the top of each and every biker’s items list.
This goes without saying,  no more so than  in the case of travelling motorcyclists. These few remaining pioneers are almost indeterminable among the hordes of modern bike enthusiasts, however do still exist.
To these people, riding jackets symbolize, and in turn state, so much more than ‘I own a motorbike’. Instead they function on a far more anterior level, becoming a large part of a biker’s identity over the course of a host of experiences both good and bad.

Whether new to the world of motorcycling or a veteran of 50 years, there are few rituals likely to match up to the pulling on of a riding jacket- whether your 1st or 21st.
Not far off the process of selecting any other personal character feature as intentionally permanent as say for example, a tattoo- a motorcyclist’s choice of jacket is an extremely integral aspect of the culture itself.
A good biker jacket is likely to last a caring owner for decades. It is for this reason that the initial purchase of a suitable riding jacket, though likely to be costly- is entirely essential should you be serious about your new found passion for motorcycles.

The frivolous and entirely natural concept of hitting the road for an extended period of time is one that is extremely endangered at present. It seems that motorcycles, rather than maintaining their original connotations of a wild and free existence, are slowly crossing over into the realms of image and posture building.
With this, why not dig out that range of riding jackets you may have accumulated over the years, or wax up your debut number for its first outing and hit the road for a while.
There should be no wonder, as I say that it’s impossible to feel the flavor of true motorcycle riding without wearing a leather motorcycle jacket or even of some other fabric, depends upon everyone’s choice. So, jacket for riding is of immense importance and it would be in the years to come.
This article is about the most important riding gear which is motorcycle jackets. In this article I try to cover all the aspects and features while using these biker jackets. It is observed that nowadays lot of women are also taking much interest in bike riding so I would highly recommend them that to visit in order to get quality leather jackets to make their journey more pleasant and safer.

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