Friday, March 13, 2015

Finally, a real ride this winter.

Made a wrong turn on the way to work yesterday.  Funny how that happened on a relatively warm (~40F) sunny day.  Spent the day wandering around Maryland's eastern shore.  I chose that area of Maryland over my usual Pennsylvania haunts because the eastern shore roads get plenty of sunlight, so ice wouldn't be a problem, and they're very lightly traveled, so trucks wouldn't be a problem (this was a workday for everyone else, after all). Also weighing against PA is experience, which tells me that its back roads would be full of new potholes/broken pavement, salt/dirt/mud and lingering ice in the shady areas. It wasn't a huge ride, 205 miles, but it was sorely needed.  Since 2015 rang in, my riding had consisted of a small handful of commutes, and a few rides of barely 100 miles each.   I'm hoping the constant freeze/thaw/freeze cycle we've been in this winter is finally done, but March is a rather fickle month for the motorcyclist.

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Thursday, March 05, 2015

It's snow-go for riding this winter.

I don't recall a winter when I've ridden fewer miles.  I doubt I've done 500 miles since Xmas. Today's pic is typical of what we've faced the last couple of months.  So sick of snow, ice and salt!  I'll be shoveling as Daytona Bike Week begins tomorrow...

If my bike were an animal, it'd be a Sad Panda.