Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bad Vibes for your GPS?

The first time out with my RAM-mounted Garmin GPS 72, the unit shut down 5 or 6 times between Newark, DE and Gettysburg. (I've since learned this is a common problem among motorcyclists running AA-powered GPS units). When I arrived at the battlefield, I had a brain drizzle as I was removing my foam earplugs. I wedged the rolled-up plugs between the AAs, then quickly reinstalled the battery compartment door before they could expand. That was almost 15,000 miles ago and my GPS hasn't once shut down due to vibration. I put new foamies in with each battery change. Some folks are spending $150 or more for high-tech vibration-dampening mounts. If your GPS suffers from bad vibrations, try my cheapie solution. While it might not work with bikes that are taken off-road, it just might do the trickbut for road warriors -- and hey, you were just gonna chuck those old earplugs in the bin anyway, right?


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