Sunday, January 14, 2007

Largest & Smallest Cycles On Earth

I attended the International Motorcycle Show in D.C. yesterday. Yeah, all the new models, customs and race bikes were very cool to see, but two of the most impressive bikes were also two of the most unusual you'll ever see.

Above is Big Toe, certified by Guinness as the world's largest ridable motorcycle. It was built by Swedish inventor Tom Wiberg and is 15' long, 7-1/2 feet tall and weighs 3,636 pounds. Power is from a 300HP Jaguar V-12 engine. Big Toe can reach speeds up to 62 mph. Man, I'd love to commute on this thing!

And here is Wiberg's Little Toe, at a seat height of 2.5" and a weight of about 2.5 pounds it's the world's smallest ridable motorcycle. In case you don't believe it is actually ridable, below is a photo of the ride that set the Guinness World Record. Apparently, Guinness required that it be ridden a minimum of 10 meters; the little thing went about 29 I believe at a top speed of just over 1 MPH. The rider's shoes have metal tangs that fit into those slots on the sides of Little Toe. I'd like to have one to throw in my tank bag for emergency use. OK, my 45 year-old spine is telling me "maybe not".


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