Sunday, January 21, 2007

S'No Go Today

Got up at 0630, planning on a nice hour-long ride up north to a motorcycle-friendly joint like the Strasburg Creamery or the Gap Diner for breakfast and to scuff in my new rear tire, to be followed by some serious twisties thru the Amish country on the way home. A quick check of showed a current temp of 18F with a predicted high of 24F during my ride...ridable temps, but I'd have to plan warm-up/coffee breaks about every hour. But, then I saw there were snow flurries in various places in Lancaster County, where I'd be doing most of my planned ride. Drat! (or R-rated words to that effect). If I had a plastic-covered dual-sport, maybe, but I'm seeing dollar signs for even a dead-stop tipover, and I'm not sure I could even pick up my 550 (probably over 600 with accessories) pound bike on slippery pavement. So, I'm wimping out...or letting discretion get the better part of valor, you choose.


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