Monday, February 05, 2007

Mapping Solution for Old Eyes

For years, I've used tank bags with map cases. Now that I'm 46 and my near-vision has gotten a bit wonky, I have a difficult time reading a map on the fly. My GPS doesn't have a mapping feature and I'm not sure I could read it well enough if it did. In retaliation, I've begun creating route sheets using large font and red directionals for turns. I've done maybe a dozen to date. Because I'm experimenting with formats, I'm using my common weekend-morning routes -- those for which I don't really need a map or route sheet. Format suggestions are welcomed! Once I'm happy with a standard format, I intend to do many more route sheets and make them available for downloading here. Generic tip for those who use map cases for any purpose: carry a grease pencil for plotting your route or noting mileages, or scribbling down locals' directions when your maps and GPS fail you.*

* Last resort only; a true sport-tourer is seldom "lost"...merely "exploring".


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