Friday, March 23, 2007

Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish is Back! (Sort of)

OK, I'll admit it: I like to keep my motorcycles clean. Hey, everyone has to have at least one bad habit! For those who suffer from a similar disorder, you'll be happy about this news. I just returned from a local dealer where I was buying some Repsol oil, and happened to run into a distributor for Motorcycle Stuff products, which includes Repsol products and "Motorcycle Stuff ® Spray Cleaner & Polish". Sound kinda familiar? The rep told me (I have no way of knowing it its true) that when the EPA forced Honda to stop selling its "Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish", the manufacturer and Honda couldn't come to business terms on selling a reformulated version. Motorcycle Stuff could, however, and is now selling it under its name. I'm told the only noticeable difference is the odor, the original scent is patented by Honda. For those of us who swear by this stuff, this is very good news indeed...provided of course it works as well as the original. I bought a 16 oz. can and hope to do a comparison test v. the Honda product soon and post the results; I still have a couple of cans left 'cuz I began hoarding cans last year when I heard Honda wouldn't restock the product.

Addendum: When I got home from work, I compared cans of the two sprays. Honda's larger can is 14oz; the new stuff is 16oz. The product claims and instructions for use on the back of the Motorcycle Stuff can matches the Honda can nearly 100%. I sprayed a bit of each on separate, clean terry cloth towels. First, the sniff test: the Honda product has a distinctive smell -- the M/C Stuff product is nearly odorless (your nose may vary). I then used each product to clean a section of plastic bodywork on my ZR-7S. Each product went on and "worked" the same. I detected no discernible difference in the cleanliness or shine of the two sections. It may be my imagination, but the Honda product seems to have slightly better anti-static properties. Without a more scientific test, which I'm not about to do, I can't pronounce the M/C Stuff product is in fact less anti-static, but perhaps with experience the answer will come. I'm confident that Motorcycle Stuff Spray Cleaner & Polish is essentially the same product as the old Honda
Spray Cleaner & Polish. Clean Bike Syndrome sufferers rejoice!


Blogger Unknown said...

Great find, I live in Md. and felt like I was grabbing some hooch back in prohibition when my 'dealer' took me into the back room to get some Honda cleaner! I bought about 6 large cans and hoard them like gold.

Enjoyable blog see you at Americade!


April 2, 2007 at 2:30:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also bought a case of a dozen cans last fall, lucky me. As I drive an ST1300 I spend some time on their board and noted that your site was linked to it

April 6, 2007 at 12:33:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Original Honda spray was made by AMREP. P/N: A00719 DETAILING SPRAY CLEANER POLISH. You can buy it in the AMREP packaging which looks almost identical to the Honda packaging except it says "Original". it's available for $6 can here.

May 10, 2007 at 4:32:00 PM EDT  

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