Thursday, May 03, 2007

Updated info: First Sunday Ride-In, Ephrata, PA

This is to update my prior post (click here) on the First Sunday Ride-In in Ephrata, PA. This long-running event now has a website here. According to the website, the event is now known as the "Ephrata First Sunday Motorcycle Rally". I've never heard it referred to as such, but I kinda like it. I'm not sure who is behind the website, but it has all the major details and it appears that the site will expand in future.

I'm also experimenting with posting my route charts for others to use. Click here to view and print my "Ephrata Loop 1" route chart. (If you don't have a Google Docs & Spreadsheets account, please let me know if you have trouble accessing or printing the chart). This, and all my route charts, begin and end on the two major routes between my little corner of Delaware and Maryland and Pennsylvania -- DE/MD 273 and DE/PA 896. Feel free to copy my chart and edit, fold, spindle or mutilate it so it makes sense for your locale. If this works and enough folks use the charts, I'll upload more of them.

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