Thursday, September 06, 2007

πR2...and so are my rear tire!

My rear is getting a bit squared-off, with the accompanying squirrely feeling at moderate lean angles or when transitioning. Steep lean angles feel fine, I assume because the contact patch is outboard of the edge of the "center square". OEM rubber on my ZR-7S was the Bridgestone BT-020 and I've only ever used BT-020s as replacements. Bridgestone has recently begun selling a replacement for the BT-020s aimed at the sport-touring crowd, the new BT-021. The BT-021 rear is a dual-compound tire with a harder compound in the middle to help reduce squaring-off, with a softer compound on the edges for cornering traction. I ordered a set from my favorite tire vendor, Southwest Moto Tires, at a few ticks before 1500 EST on the 4th, and when I rode into my driveway after work on the 5th I was greeted by 2 new rubber donuts left by UPS by my garage door. Less than 24 hours to deliver tires (shipping was free, BTW) from Arizona to Delaware. SWM rules!

Look for my review of the BT-021s in the near future. If they handle even as well as the BT-020s, particularly in the wet, I'll be happy. If the rear stays rounder longer, and the front doesn't cup quite as quickly as does the -020, I'll be ecstatic.


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