Thursday, October 18, 2007

Techsox High-Tech Motorcycle Socks

I've been aware of Techsox for a while, but was hesitant to try them due to their cost. At about $16.95, they are more than double the cost of my long-time favorites for 3-season riding: Cruiserworks Coolmax socks. However, I received a pair Techsox "High-Tech Touring Socks" free from the nice folks at the Americade Rally for being a pre-registered attendee. The pic at left shows the Americade-logo'd socks (sox?) I received. Techsox makes two cuts for motorcycling use -- Boot Cut and High Cut; the Americade giveaway appears to be the Boot Cut version. They're made from 70% polypropylene with silver anti-microbial, 20% elastic and 10% Lycra. Techsox are very structured and are specifically made for (and thankfully, labeled) the left and right feet. In addition to the expected moisture-wicking properties claimed, Techsox also boasts of seemless toes, shin and tendon padding, a form fit heel, cooling vents (darned if I find them tho) and arch support. My pair were a snug, almost tight, but proper, fit. They don't droop off the calf at all, even on my sticks that pass as legs. I've now worn them an estimated 10 - 12 times while commuting and on 4 rides of 100+ miles, including a non-stop, 164 mile 4:15 ride in very high heat, and an all-day event that included a bit of walking a couple of weekends ago. I never once noticed the socks while I was wearing them, which I imagine is the best compliment one can give a sock, eh? That means they're not only comfy, but they're void of any pressure points caused by seams or rolling fabric. The most impressive finding is that, even though I've worn the Techsox under my waterproof/Goretex-lined Rev'It! Fusion boots (which can get hot) -- the socks have been absolutely bone dry to the touch afterwards! Even my Cruiserworks Coolmax socks don't wick away the moisture that well. Dry feet are happy feet and these would be great for multi-day tours. I've followed the washing instructions (line dry only) and my Techsox still look new with no staining or darkening of the white fabric, or fraying of seams, etc. So, any shortcomings? Yes, a literal one: I wish they were a tad taller; mine are barely over the top of my boot. Techsox sells the High Cut but they look like they'd be too tall for street riding -- dirt maybe. And, as awesome as they are, Techsox are expensive enough that I can't see many riders buying the 5 or 6 pairs needed for combined commuting/sport-touring use. However, I'd recommend everyone buy (or ask Santa for) a pair or two specifically for longer rides (these would be an absolute must for Iron Butt types). Techsox are guaranteed for a full year.As for vendors of Techsox, Lee Parks Designs sells them and Lee's a good guy, so go get 'em there.


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I first purchased a pair of the black high cut motor socks at a bike show held at the Washington DC convention center about a year ago. On Nov 19th of this year, I placed an on line order for two more pair with Techsox. It is now Dec 27th and I have not received the merchandise. I have sent numberous e-mails and voice mails to George at Techsox. I received one voice reply and two e-mail notifications from George saying he had mnoved the factory and was experiencing problems with his voice mail. This is terrible service. I am disappointed with the company's poor customer service or lack there of. :( Johnny from Woodbridge, Virginia

December 27, 2011 at 1:09:00 PM EST  

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