Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Delacade 2007

Early on Sunday, October 7th a group of 15 "Cybercaders" (Americade Rally fans and forum-dwellers dubbed the "Internet Crazies" by Americade founder Bill Dutcher) aboard a dozen motorcycles gathered at Planet Honda in Chadds Ford, PA for the start of Delacade 2007. (See pic at courtesy of Sue a/k/a Blondie. That's WC and Slinky front and center, who got hitched the night before. The dork in the green shirt, 4th from left, is me.). From New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and even Ohio, they came to spend the day chasing yours truly around the countryside for the day. I say "chase" not because I ride fast, but because "follow" would imply a false degree of cartographic and navigational skill. We began by tilting horizons to crazy angles thru the Brandywine Valley (DE/PA Rte. 100 was a favorite of many), rich in Colonial history, then we worked out way north thru a lot of horse property on twisty PA 82 to US 322, where we took a relaxed ride into Ephratha for the "First Sunday" Rally. After oogling motorcycles for a while at the Rally, we headed north to the Silk City Diner, which sees a lot of serious Ride-to-Eat action. After lunch, "good-byes" and photos, about half the group jumped off to head home to NY and OH. The rest of us headed got to work reducing our "chicken strips" on crookedy Rte. 897, which includes a few hairy sections of reducing-radius downhill turns. I then took the group thru the heart of the "touristy" Amish country (Rte. 340), where some had their first glimpses of those wacky Amish-named towns: Intercourse, Bird-In-Hand, Blue Ball, etc. After emerging from a traffic jam in Strasburg, we picked our way on back, backer and back-est roads that split working farms in the "real" Amish country I wanted the group to see (the Bartville area for those familiar). After clipping a corner of Maryland horse-country, we ended up in my hometown of Newark, DE where I bailed. Sue and Dennis from New Castle, DE took over and lead the gaggle to I-95 where I guess they took their leave for Joisey. All in all, a great day of riding with good friends in nice weather thru beautiful country! This was the 3rd Delacade held on Columbus Day weekend in the last 4 years (2005 was flooded out), and we're hoping to do it again next year.


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