Thursday, November 01, 2007

Arai Helmet Visor Changing Made Easy...

Psych! Made you look! Everyone knows there is no easy way to remove and/or reinstall an Arai visor. Every time I do it, I'm sure I'm gonna break the darn thing. But I never do. Well, that was a true statement up until about an hour ago. I was removing my perfectly serviceable Arai Signet GTR visor in order to coat it with an anti-fog treatment I'm evaluating for you, my faithful (albeit so very few) readers, when the telltale e-eeeek cr--aaaaack! signaled an error in my technique. Good thing I had a spare, which was thankfully installed sans special auditory effects. While I love Arai's Signet (I'm on my 3rd, being the only lid that so well fits my "long-oval" noggin), I hate the practical joke some engineer continues to play on we poor saps. I mean, c'mon now Arai: I rebuilt a motorcycle engine at age 15 with no assistance; I spent 8 years as a technician on one of the world's most advanced jet fighters; I even understand the Copenhagen Theory of quantum mechanics; yet I can't remove a bloody Arai helmet visor that has less than one moving part without breaking it! At least Nicky Hayden has mastered the challenge. (Check out the video below).


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