Friday, February 15, 2008

Motorcycle Bloggers International Award Voting!

Following-up on my January 11th post, voting is now open for the Motorcycle Bloggers International Awards. Head on over and vote for the best and worst motorcycle products and ideas from 2007. You have until March 16, 2008 to make your vote count. The winners (and losers) will be announced on March 19th in the following categories:

Best concept motorcycle or scooter

Best manufacturer’s website

Best new motorcycle

Best new scooter

Most environmentally friendly motorcycle

Object of lust
(The production motorcycle of any model year that is desired above all others.)

Thumbs up
(The person or organization who during 2007 made the most significant contribution to motorcycling.)

Wish we’d thought of that
(For new in 2007 innovations, accessories or other motorcycle related products.)

Women riders booster of the year

Most disappointing new motorcycle

Thumbs down
(The person, company or organization who during 2007 most harmed the image of motorcycling.)

What were they thinking?
(The concept or production motorcycle, related product or other idea that is the worst idea of 2007.)

Worst manufacturer’s website


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