Monday, February 11, 2008

Motorcycle Safety Efforts by the NHTSA

Can we motorcyclist learns to love Big Brother? Given our checkered relationship with the NHTSA, the answer is unclear. However, I'm encouraged by the appearance of some recent safety and awareness efforts apparently spearheaded by USDOT Secretary Mary E. Peters, a self-described avid motorcyclist who was injured in a crash in 2005. Here is a recent Press Release, NHTSA's "Action Plan", and its educational safety campaign. The link also points to the DOT's 2007 crash, injury and fatality report. Like all such reports to date, it doesn't tell us much -- plenty of correlations, but scientific causations and in-depth statistical analyses are missing. Unfortunately, the insurance industry and other anti-motorcyclists will likely misuse this report to further their efforts. Time will tell if NHTSA's safety campaign will do any good, but it sure couldn't do any harm.


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