Thursday, January 01, 2009

Motorcycling Year in Review: 2008

2009 is nearly 24 hours old and I'm taking stock of 2008.  I was able to get in 7,245 miles even though I wasn't able to get away for any multi-day tours. I'd guess 5,000 of my miles were "sport-commuting" (my term for commuting via interesting and twisty routes). On weekends, I did some favorite ride-to-eat events like the Ephrata "First Sunday" Rally and the event at the Lawn Fire Company near Hershey, PA. I also rode in a charity ride for Ride for Kids and rode the Delaware leg of an around-the-world relay to benefit Riders for Health.  I rode in temperatures ranging from 9F to 105F, in rain, fog, sleet, a couple of snow flurries, and even occasional sunny, dry conditions.  In a departure from tradition, I had no flat tires this year. My goals for 2009 are to find opportunities for longer and more frequent weekend rides, to call in (* cough cough *) sick more often in order to do a few long day trips, and to continue to hide my blog from my boss. Thanks to those of you who have nothing better to do than to read my website (jeez, go fer a ride willya?), Tilted Horizons is now the #1 rated blog in Delaware according to traffic-ranking service Grokodile. Here's to a safe and happy 2009 for everyone; hopefully filled with many tilted horizons!


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