Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sport-Touring Track School Announced

Saddlebags, GPS and throttle locks at a racetrack?  Believe it.  While all riders could benefit from on-track instruction, most of us (even the sport-bikers among us) lack either the aspiration to race, or a dedicated track bike. Enter the Utah SportBike Association, which has partnered with CanyonChasers Motorcycle Sport Touring and MSF-provider Utah Rider Education to present a track school dedicated to the street rider: the Sport-Touring Advanced Rider Training.  Rather than spend time teaching riders how to navigate a specific track, ST-ART has been designed to help teach riders how more safely navigate those twisty roads we all love, by focusing on skills such as how to read the road, how to set entry speed, and how to find safer lines through unfamiliar corners.  "Smooth" is given more attention that "Fast".  The school will be held at Miller Motorsports Park on April 11, 2009.  The track has allowed a glycol waiver so riders won't have to drain and refill with "Water Wetter".  To learn more, clicky here.


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