Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hillclimb this Sunday!

This Sunday June 7th those hillclimb crazies return to the AMA Class A Professional event at the White Rose Motorcycle Club's hill near Jefferson, PA. I've attended this event a few times previously and I hope to make this one. If you've never watched a real hillclimb, you should. It's one of the oldest forms of motorcycling competition, and also one of the toughest...and most basic: fastest to the top wins (or furthest, if the hill beats everyone). At the White Rose hill, riders hurl themselves up a 300-foot dirt hill; two jumps on the way up make it even more interesting. Of course, anyone lucky and fast enough to cross the finish line with momentum to spare takes a final leap over the crest. Bikes range from converted MXers to purpose-built climbers powered by old British twins or late-model 4-cylinder screamers. The first rider launches at 12:30 PM, rain or shine. That the club can be reached via twisty backroads makes the event that much more fun! Click over to the club's website for More event info.


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