Monday, June 15, 2009

MotoGP Must-See!

I hope you didn't miss yesterday's duel between Rossi and Lorenzo at the Catalunya MotoGP. Instant classic. Go watch the race on MotoGP's YouTube channel, or click here to see the final two epic laps.

Update 6/24/2009: The link above won't work; try this one instead. Dorna/MotoGP are yanking down fans' YouTube postings as fast as they go up. Instead, you get to watch MotoGP's own ridiculously sucky video, which shows the most critical passes of the last laps in fast forward! What genius decided that was a good way to show off MotoGP? Hey Dorna: you've got one of most exciting finishes in history; just let it play! And stop trying to quell fandom through your IP lawyers. The more vids get posted on YouTube, the stronger your fan-base becomes...get it?


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