Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aerostich Lane-Sharing Tool

New product news from Aerostich; the "Lane Share Test" plate is genius!  Perhaps the official-looking plate would give me the bravery I currently lack to lane-split among aggressive Delaware motorists (can you say "clothes line"?)...or not.

New Release: Aerostich Lane Share Tool

If you are caught being civilly disobedient you'll be cited and fined! Motorcycle 'filtering' or 'lane splitting' is against the law everywhere -- except in California and almost every other country in the world. Hundreds of thousands of riders in those jurisdictions filter through congestion safely every day. One way to justify breaking a law is as an act of protest -- which requires a serious message. Enter the Lane Share Tool. This is an easy-install -- routing the wire between the plate rotation system and the handlebar (or mirror stem) mounted control button, and connecting the fused battery connector midway. Briefly touching the button shows the alternate message for fifteen seconds -- then the tool automatically folds back. For longer filtering, holding the button for four seconds displays the alternate message until the button is touched again. An LED near the button base flashes indicating the alternate message is being displayed. This product is FOR OFF ROAD or entertainment USE ONLY. Use at your own risk. Five available messages: 'Lane Share Test', 'One Less Car', 'Share The Road', 'Thank You' and a Mr. Happy Puppet 'happy face'. Choose one. (We recommend Mr. Happy...) Includes a cd with additional formatted messages and a video installation guide. Much additional information at 12V. Anodized aluminum w/ Stainless hardware. 10.75"x4.5"(9" open).
#3305 $187.00

Watch a video of it in action!



  • Includes 'Get out of Jail Free' card
  • No guts, no Glory, but be very careful
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Customizable message panels
  • Great for momentary 'pass-greeting' or filtering
  • All art is political, including industrial art


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