Thursday, February 24, 2011

Motomarathon Rally 2011 Schedule

Motomarathon may be the long-distance motorcycling event for we mere mortals.  "Aluminum Butt Rally" maybe?  According to the Motomarathon Association's website, motomarathon is about riding as many twisties as possible during an event. Routes are kept secret until the night before each event. Instead of a traditional LD points system based on grabbing bonus locations, the goal is to complete as many checkpoints as possible.   Accumulated yearly and lifetime checkpoint data is maintained by the association. Similar to traditional LD events, riders document checkpoints by photographing their assigned badges with the checkpoint location in the background. The association claims that the routes will allow plenty of time to complete all checkpoints at posted speed limits, and even time for leisurely lunches and sightseeing.  Barring major mechanical or navigational woes, it appears riders will be able to stop each night and get a decent amount of sleep without having to check into the fabled Iron Butt Hotel (i.e. sleeping on your parked motorcycle).  The association also invites its members to create their own motomarathons using the same basic format.  2011's three events, down from 2010's four:

2011 Motomarathon Schedule

New England Motomarathon -- June 9-12
Colorado Motomarathon-- August 26-29
Southern California Motomarathon -- October 13-16

Image courtesy of Motomarathon Association

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