Friday, April 01, 2011

New Gut Wrench Set from Aerostich

The 2011 Aerostich and RiderWearHouse catalog introduces the Gut Wrench, a new type of tool that is equal parts useful and nutritious. The set of six wrenches perform standard bolt-turning duties as well as providing 100% of your daily recommended intake for iron. Each 6 ounce wrench is infused with calories, and is guaranteed to stay with you for miles down the road, unlike a wimpy grocery store energy bar. Ideal for when the trip schedule doesn’t permit time to stop for a bite to eat, or keep a set of Gut Wrenches in your tool kit and you always have an iron-fortified snack at the ready. Each Gut Wrench will provide an immediate weight gain and is a great source of roughage, providing the best intestinal cleanse available. The six wrench set will satiate even the largest appetites and includes an extra assortment of iron fortified bolts, great for a quick rest-stop snack to ward off hunger pangs. Price includes one-time emergency extraction coupon, should you lack the intestinal fortitude for complete digestion (our lawyers made us say that). $34,519.01 per set, specify Metric, Whitworth or American.

 Gut Wrench Set Features:

  • Dual purpose - useful and nutritious.
  • Makes all other energy bars seem weak.
  • Iron+++.
  • Set of six, for small to large appetites.
  • Immediate weight gain.
  • Intestinal cleansing bar none.



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