Friday, April 15, 2011

Spotted at Haag's: 1974 BMW R90S

Last Sunday, grey skies kept all but maybe 20 motorcyclists from the monthly breakfast ride-in at Haag's Hotel in Shartlesville, PA.  The parking lot was heavy with BMWs, including the awesome 1974 R90S pictured below, which had been ridden out from Bucks County.  I'm not a BMW expert, but even I could spot the addition of Ohlins shocks and dual-plug heads. What wasn't apparent until the owner pointed it out was the serial number: -0001! That's right, the first R90S imported to the US in '74. I'm happy to report this isn't a museum piece: it has 30K+ miles on the odo, and judging from the safety wire, it may have seen some track-use. If the owner sees this and would care to comment with further information, please do.

I believe the color is "TT Silver"

Well-kept but obviously ridden, as it should be!

Above the oil filler is stamped serial no. -0001

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