Thursday, June 02, 2011

WWII Weekend, WWII Motorcycles

This weekend I'm once again attending the annual "World War II Weekend" hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum at the Reading, Pennsylvania airport.    Click over to see pics of some of the weekend's activities and hardware that will be on display (and in many cases, being operated).  Being an ex-USAF fighter aircraft crew chief, I'm partial to the warbirds, but as you'll see there were just about any other type of WWII military hardware you'd want to see, from all the major players in the war. Click here for a nice video overview of the non-flying portions of the event. My son snapped these pics posted here of a few of the motorcycles present at a prior year's event, mostly sidecar rigs, mostly BMWs or clones, all more heavily armed than my Kawasaki (oh, to have a machine gun to deal with brain-dead cagers!). I'm the doofus kneeling by the Zundapp, BTW. While not a motorcycle event per se, it's near excellent riding areas and would be a great destination for anyone looking for an excuse to ride if we need much of an excuse!

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