Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Million Mile BMW Women!

Gee, you'd think Ardys (L) and Voni (R) would look a bit tired after riding 1,000,000 miles.

As friends Voni Glaves and Ardys Kellerman were each nearing their millionth miles on BMW motorcycles, they arranged to met near Ouray, Colorado to complete their milestones on US 555 (aptly nicknamed the "Million Dollar Highway") on August 29th, and thus became the first women known to have documented a million miles on BMWs. Among their other considerable motorcycling accomplishments, Voni and Ardys have competed in and finished Iron Butt Rallies (Ardys is an IBA legend). Oh yeah, Voni's husband Paul also rides a bit. (Images courtesy of Voni Glaves).

Shhhh, I've discovered Voni's million-mile secret: red boots!

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