Saturday, September 03, 2011

Irene Kills Killington Motorcycle Rally

Posted on the Americade forum August 31st:


Due to serious damage from Hurricane Irene, The Killington Classic, scheduled to start Sept 8, has been postponed until 2012. The event headquarters at the Killington Resort and many of the roads in southern Vermont have been temporarily closed due to flooding. (Rolling Thru Vermont, because of its HQ location in northern VT, will continue as scheduled, this weekend.) Americade Inc., charged with managing the Killington Classic, deeply regrets having to postpone this classic event until 2012. "We have never postponed or cancelled any event in our company's history" said Christian Dutcher, Americade VP. "We've run over 40 events* without a postponement or cancellation but this was an unprecedented natural disaster. The Killington Region was very eager to not disappoint the many preregistered attendees for the event. There were even reports that major roads would be open in time, in contrast to the media's sensationalized stories, but after sifting out the reality from on-the-ground information, there was simply no choice but to postpone it to 2012." He continued: "however, because the Killington Resort is part of a large well-established corporation, and because the Town of Killington is vital and resourceful, we know that they'll rebuild very quickly, but not quite quickly enough for a large event only 8 days away." 

* (29 Americade East, 6 Americade West, and 3 in the Rolling Through America series, and several others)

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Anonymous New Motorcycle said...

Also mourned, with Killington Classic, hopefully the show is still running

November 3, 2011 at 12:16:00 PM EDT  

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