Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Madness

After a couple of weeks of unseasonably amazing weather and record high temps, this morning was in the high 20s F, as if Ma Nature was saying "don't take me for granted buddy."  I knew I shouldn't put my winter gear away quite yet (but did anyway), as evidenced by my posts from some other Marches:

In my neck of the woods, March can be tough on the ol' motorcycling psyche.  Blacktop roads are potholed and crumbled from freezing, and won't be repaired for months.  Clumps of road salt residue and sand dot the roads.  On the back roads, gravel and mud, washed out of the gullies by heavy rains and snow melt, have a nasty habit of accumulating on blind corners.  Unlike the peak of Summer or dead of Winter, it's difficult to get into a rhythm, either on the road of off.  Just gearing up properly can be a tough decision as the weather can vary wildly.   I've ridden 5 of the 6 days of March so far, and I've already dealt with temperatures from 22F to 62F, and from snow flurries to rain showers to beautiful dry, sunny conditions.  I'm not whining (well, not much) mind you:  that which many motorcyclists consider obstacles to riding are seen as challenges to die-hard (or crazy; you choose) year-round riders.   Although, while overcoming challenges is satisfying, I'll be a lot happier in about six weeks when the challenges will be more about the broader riding experience and much less about merely surviving the weather and road conditions.

I just re-read this post from March '08, and it's eerily accurate so far as to March '09.  Last Sunday about 8" of snow got dumped on us; tomorrow when I head out on my ride shortly after sunrise it'll already be over 50F.  I may hit some rain on the way, which ain't necessarily a bad thing as it may wash off some of the "protective coating" of salt reside and road grime my ZR-7S has accumulated this winter.



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