Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ephrata Ride-In May 2012

Here a very few of the interesting motorcycles from the May "First Sunday" ride-in event at the Ephrata, PA American Legion and municipal park. It was particularly packed this month -- probably at least 1,000 bikes. I could've spent all day shooting pics, but then I'd have done a lot less riding that day.

'70s RD350 cafe racer with many homemade parts

Monoshock conversion!

M-16 was optional on this model I believe.

Original, unrestored example of the original sport-touring bike

One of those funny little '70s Italian Harleys

For those with a fiberglass fetish

Stopped at Speedwell Forge (ex)Lake, which was drained last Fall after storms damaged the dam. While there, a couple of young bicycle-mounted Amish guys expressed a lot of interest in my bike's GPS unit. Maybe we'll soon be seeing buggys with Sat-Nav?

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Anonymous roadsidewonders said...

Yep, you can always find an interesting bike (or 100)at Ephrata :)

So sad to see Speedwell looking like that; but we can't mess with Mother Nature ... only give her a detour now and then.

May 15, 2012 at 3:36:00 PM EDT  

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