Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another (yawn) Very Boring Rally Announced

 2013 Very Boring Rally 3

Mark your calendar, tie a string around your finger and start planning a ride to scenic Northern Minnesota. The Very Boring Rally 3 will be August 23-25, 2013, at Aerostich World Headquarters and the nearby Spirit Mountain Resort in Duluth, Minnesota. Attend the thirtieth anniversary celebration revelry and join with the usual assortment of happy-campers, malcontents, curmudgeons and dorks. Good-times, both planned and impromptu, will be had by all who attend...with a few top-secret surprises in the works, too! There will be on-site camping, celebrated national entertainment, great food (BBQ dinner), an on-site National Championship Observed Trials, guided area riding tours, games, and lots of prizes and awards - for motorcycle poetry readings, the oldest/youngest/farthest distance riders, and much more. Even an award for the sorriest bike ridden to the party, and one for the most worn-out Aerostich suit. Come celebrate 30 years of Aerostich nonsense and Riderwearhouse catalog mischief. Advance ticket sales, camping and hotel reservation information, and much more info is online at www.boringrally.com.

Aerostich 2013 Very Boring Rally 3 Features:

  • Aerostich's 30th Anniversary.
  • Moto-related activities a-plenty.
  • Food, fun, friends, foolishness.
  • Big fancy-ass door prizes and other such hoo-ha.
  • Campfires, Cocktails, 'n Smores. (mmm...)
  • Three times as boring as the 2008 VBR II.
  • 'Collectable' VBR 3 swag.
  • Mix with the famous and the foolish – at the exact same time.
  • A Mr. Happy Puppet reunion.

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Anonymous roadsidewonders said...

I am generally a happy-camper, certainly a malcontent, and pretty dorky to boot ... looks like the rally for me :)

June 12, 2012 at 1:34:00 PM EDT  

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