Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Haag's Ride-In Endangered?

This past Sunday at the Haag's Hotel "Second Sunday" ride-in/breakfast gathering in Shartlesville, PA I learned that the hotel will soon be leased to a third party for two years. The historic hotel has been owned and operated by the same family since 1915, and they're going to keep a close eye on the changes the new operators make during the lease period.  According to my super-duper-top-secret sources, the family-style food service will go but no word yet on the monthly motorcycle gathering.  I hope the new operators would appreciate the extra customers it brings--  between a dozen in winter to 40-50 in summer, which in either case it probably double the usual number of customers for that day, but one never knows others' prejudices against motorcyclists. Those like me who enjoy the Haag's gathering as a low-key (and better grubbed) supplement to the massive Ephrata and Lawn ride-ins are hoping the new operators are riders!

Update: The even was still going strong in August; there were about 30 bikes in the parking lot, including a Vespa ridden by Gerry, the former publisher of the Scoot Lancaster blog.

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