Friday, September 21, 2012

How Dangerous are Motorcycles, Really?

The open road.  Slicing through the wind as it crashes against your body.  That unforgettable feeling of simultaneous peril and freedom that only two wheels can offer.  These are the forces that drive people buy motorcycles.

However, the open road often comes at a price.  Before you run out to buy that new hog, you might want to take note of how motorcycles stack up against cars in terms of safety.  The following infographic breaks down the dangers that bikers face on the road every day, and how they compare to their 4-wheeled counterparts.

Take a peek at the infographic below (click to enlarge), created by the Houston-based personal injury Law Firm, Sutliff & Stout.  Find out exactly what risks you might be taking before you purchase that new bike.

This post courtesy of Sutliff & Stout, a provider of Legal Services for a variety of Personal Injury matters in Houston and Austin, Texas.

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