Saturday, February 16, 2013

10 Best Things About Riding in the Winter

1. No bugs.
2. Fewer tourists (and no squids) on back roads.
3. Frosty auto windshields provide increased opportunity to practice avoidance maneuvers.
4. Amish buggy "exhaust" is no longer slippery (it is, however, bumpy).
5. No muscle spasms from reaching around to open jacket vents on the fly.
6. Lessened danger of getting caught in your zipper (guys only).
7. Corn is harvested, providing increased sight lines for cornering or Bambi-spotting.
8. Opportunity to assess blood-flow to extremities.
9. Battery Tender?  Don't need no stinkin' Battery Tender!
10. OK, I only came up with 9. Help me out!

12/12/10 addendum: The guys at The Pace Podcast read my list on their podcast today, Episode 56. If you're not already a listener, I highly recommend The Pace -- give 'em a listen!

(This old post has been shamelessly recycled, because I care about our environment. Or I'm lazy.)

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