Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An EZ Eastern Shore ramble

Bike's thermometer read 17-24F for the first couple of hours of last Sunday morning's ride, but eventually it warmed to a balmy 34F after I'd turned north to head home. I took an easy ride on fairly open, flowing roads on Maryland's eastern shore to S. Chesapeake City, Betterton Beach, Rock Hall, & colonial Chestertown. In light of the patchy ice, salty roads and my squared-off rear tire, it wasn't a technically challenging ride by design, but at about 155 miles it was the first halfway decent ride of 2012. Those handlebar muffs look ridiculous but kept the digits warm(er).  I didn't see another bike, nor any boats in motion -- perhaps some folks believed it was too cold to be out having fun.  I actually got a couple of waves from cagers, including a cop. 

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