Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Equinox to Equinox Rally

Even the non-Druids among us are certain to enjoy this event -- a photo bonus rally hosted by the same fine (and only somewhat twisted) folks who produce the awesome "anything and everything moto-related" The Pace Podcast. Participants will collect as many points as possible between the Vernal (March 20) and Autumnal (September 22nd) equinoxes by visiting locations/finding items corresponding to categories that will be revealed at midnight on the 20th.  The typical rules apply, i.e. documenting each visit with a photograph, which must also include the rider's motorcycle and rally-issued ID number.  That's about it for rules, which seems in keeping with what appears to be an event designed to encourage riders to get out on their bikes and have fun, rather than emphasizing the competition-factor. So whaddya waiting for?  Click over to The Pace's Equinox to Equinox Rally page for more rally and registration details.

(Thanks to FuzzyGalore for making me aware of this event.)

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Blogger Fuzzy said...

Did you register, Doug?
Surely you can squeeze in a few bonii between now... and SEPTEMBER! :D

March 21, 2013 at 6:14:00 AM EDT  

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