Monday, April 01, 2013

New Product Release: Aerostich Magnetic Baby Onesie

Hot of the presses from Aerostich:

Aerostich   Magnetic Baby Onsie

Having a baby changes everything -- including your motorcycle riding. This new Aerostich Magnetic Baby Onsie (View action video.) helps you manage it without giving up your bike. Simply place any child within the Onsie and position it on your gas tank as if it were a magnetic tank bag. Then clip the safety leash to handlebar and ride! Prototypes have been endorsed by experts and baby-tested at over 140mph! For security and peace-of-mind it’s made of strong abrasion-resistant GORE-TEX Cordura with a full-length water-proof zipper, an internal comfort pad and three strong rare-earth magnets per side. A large strip of 3M SOLUS reflective provides nighttime conspicuity and inside is a removable, washable, fire-retardant 100% cotton fleece lining. There’s also a detachable 36” shoulder-strap to maximize off-bike portability. Available in Small (1-6 months) or Medium (6–18 months) and either Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, California Raisin, or Spiderman-licensed styles. A Millard-Marcus-Rebeka product. View action video.
Along with the Magnetic Baby Onsie, the all-new 2013 Aerostich Catalog features thousands of useful products for riders, and hundreds of new and updated items, including the all-new Roadcrafter City andRoadcrafter Tactical rider’s suits. The 262 page catalog is the company’s largest ever and features the usual assortment of customer supplied photos, interesting sidebars, moto-related quotes and a few hidden 'Easter Eggs' to keep things interesting. All items are also available to view and order, where you can also find an interactive suit 'color picker', downloadable digital catalog sections, more detailed product images and reviews and more. To get your FREE copy of the2013 Aerostich Catalog, call 800 222 1994, or email
Aerostich 2013 Catalog - Front CoverAerostich Magnetic Baby Onsie 
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Aerostich  Features:

  • Bring your baby along on every ride.
  • Abrasion resistant and waterproof.
  • Attaches securely to tank with strong rare-earth magnets.
  • More riding time combined with parental bonding.
  • Tested to 140 MPH.
  • Colors and styles for both boys and girls.

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