Monday, June 23, 2014

Americade 2014 report

Finally getting around to posting a few random scenes from Americade. I took a great two-day all-back road route to Lake George, NY, overnighting in Hancock, then spent six days at the rally followed by a (long, hot) one-day, 387 mile ride home (about 1/3 super slab). Except for one rainy evening, the rally was bone dry; the driest Americade in most folks' memories. I stayed at a small strip motel with a couple of dozen great folks, many of whom I've met at prior Americades, who've been gathering together at (pretty much taking over) this same motel for years. I'm a notorious "lone wolf" on the road, but I had some very enjoyable group rides with this bunch, and it made meals and general hanging out a lot more fun as well.
Route 9G over the mountains north of Lake George is always a good idea. 
Lake George from Prospect Mtn.
Americade hosts cruises on two paddlewheelers.
Looks like it IS easy being green.
Some of the diverse gang I hung and rode with.
Quechee Gorge, VT
The main drag in Lake George Village.
Lucky dog.
That'll do pig. That'll do.
Found, and annoyed, a fave vendor of mine at the trade show.
Same here.
As I did in 2011, I had a new faceshield and Pinlock installed by these folks while I waited.  Their shop is only 1.5 hours from home, but it's way more fun riding to Lake George to have it done.
This tire had 500-600 miles on it when this screw embedded itself in the only place that wouldn't be expensive. My luck does not usually run this good; should've bought lottery tickets that day. 
Primo parking space. The motel owner is cool like that; he doesn't ride but he LOVES riders.  Everyone hung lights in front of their rooms. Someone put Harley logo lights in front of mine.  No, they didn't leak oil, but I was worried.
We only had one real rain, but my friends came prepared.
Lake George.

A Paul Smart replica, or a Paul Smart replica replica?
Installing farkles purchased at the trade show was a popular down-time activity.
Downtown evening scene.  Ain't it great to see only bikes?
Free tire inspection by Dunlop engineers.
Ride to eat, eat to ride.
Haven't ID'd this old BMW clone yet. Chinese? Indian? 
The upper Hudson.
Traditional Americade Friday night fireworks; this year launched over the lake.
I always sniff out the railcar diners in my travels, this one in Bolton Landing, NY. My reference sources make it a '46 Worcester.
Morning pre-flight prep.

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