Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Cool motorcycles: Ephrata ride-in July 2014

July's ride-in event in Ephrata, PA was its typical self: motorcycles of every type, from ADVers to race bikes to rat bikes to vintage to the bizarre.  Here's a tiny sampling of the thousand-odd bikes that grabbed my attention.(Click to enlarge.)

One doesn't often see this treatment applied to sportbikes.
Nice detail.
Keeping with the military theme.
I'm a sucker for any R90S.
Every CB400F I've ever seen was in pristine condition.
10 point penalty for the swastika at an American Legion event, but "interesting" nonetheless.
First Place, Most Tomahawks category.

Great '80s GP theme on a modern bike.
The "79" reference may be obvious to someone hipper than I.
Unidentified Furry Object?
Best scooter I've seen for maybe...ever.
I bet people try to put him down.
I hope the rider wears a long, oiled flight jacket.
There's a rumble in Brighton tonight.

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