Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: The flightless bird who traveled around the world

One day in August, 2008 I took place in an around-the-world relay to benefit Riders For Health, involving an ostrich Beanie Baby, and a Pelican case to which each rider would add local trinkets. I was part of the 3-rider Delaware team which took the bird and case on a very hot, humid and occasionally rainy tour of some of our state's historical and otherwise notable sites.  The case eventually visited all 50 states before heading overseas and completing the ATW trip.  For a time, the bird was held for ransom in Indonesia.  His whereabouts are currently unknown, but there are rumors of a possible second ATW tour.

Taking the hand-off from the Pennsylvania lead rider.

The bird distracted this officer long enough for him to forget to ticket us for the totally illegal parking job we did in order to secure the photo below.

Meeting the Delaware state bird, a Blue Heron.

Meeting some strange old birds.

Found a lady friend along the way.

So this is where your state politicians "work"?

Handing-off to the Maryland lead rider near Chestertown, MD.

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