Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dealer Enthusiasm

About 150 miles into yesterday's ride, I was looking for a suitable rest and hydration stop when I passed a large Harley dealer with a lot full of motorcycles and people, and a BBQ vendor going full blast.  A quick 180 and I parked up.  I've passed Chesapeake Harley-Davidson  in Maryland dozens of time previously, and these weekend gatherings always seem to be happening. There were picnic tables under a tent, rocking chairs on the shaded front porch, food and drink (non-alcoholic I'm happy to report), and a mobile stage for the band that I imagine followed later.  The dealership is impeccably clean and the employees were friendly without feeling the need to put on the sales pitch. Large flat parking lot that even had a roundabout to keep traffic flowing in and out. Quite the oasis for riders. I was there for about 45 minutes and watched 40-50 bikes come and go.  And I know this isn't all that unusual for H-D dealers. Which had me wondering why none of the Big Four Japanese or Euro dealers near me do anything similar.  Sure, most dealers have an open house or a special event or two each year, but nothing consistent, nothing I know I can count on during any given ride for a little break. All it would take are clean restrooms and drinking water. I'm not a "lifestyle" rider, and I know that's a little part of it, but c'mon man, show a little enthusiasm for motorcycling and motorcyclists! And as I'm sure the H-D shops well know, having more riders hanging out, walking by those shiny new machines on the sales floor, leads to a few more sales.  Know ye of such shops?

"One of these things is not like the others..."

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