Saturday, April 16, 2011

Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish Updates

Suffers of CBS (Clean Bike Syndrome) recall all too well a few years ago when their drug of choice was pulled from the market. Dealers' shelves were suddenly emptier then the WW4M section of the Craigslist personals. I did some snooping around and my subsequent posts on the Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish mystery became (and remain) the most viewed posts on this site.  

Fortunately, Honda SC&P eventually reappeared, albeit at its customary (read ridiculous) high street price.  In search of reasonably-priced alternatives, I recently met with an un-named distributor in a dark alley, who informed me (following the exchange of code words) that two Amrep* products: Next Dimension Spray Polish and Original Bike Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish, are for practical purposes identical to Honda's cleaner. Original Bike Spirits' product description hints as much. I'm also told street prices are about 50% of Big Red's cleaner. As my secret stash of Honda SC&P is nearly gone, I'll soon order one of the alleged identical twins and report back.

*As far as I can determine, Amrep is the patent holder of the magic Honda spray, and contracted the manufacturing to Petro Chemical.



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