Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Motorhead Coffee is back on track!

Back in February 2009 I had the pleasure of reviewing some great coffee from Motorhead Coffee, a venture of an Indiana motorcyclist named Jamie ("Shep" on ADVrider.)  After taking a break to suffocate in the corporate world for a while, I'm glad to report that Shep is back, breathing the fresh air again and custom-roasting some great new products.  Four bags of beans arrived in a tidy package on my doorstep pronto: 10W-30, a light roasted African; 10W-40, medium roast Latin; 10W-50, medium-dark Sumatran; and, the seriously-robust Diesel. All are roasted in small batches using a traditional, gas-fired, drum roaster.  The product, price, customer service, shipping and packaging all get a big thumbs-up!  I highly recommend you order up some of Motorhead's finest today and (cue music) get your motor runnin'...

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