Saturday, March 29, 2014

Take Advantage of Evolution

I'd had my eye on a particular motorcycle riding suit for a couple of years, waiting for the long-rumored significant updates to go into production.  Having seen the updated item on the manufacturer's website and catalog recently, I pulled the trigger. When it arrived a couple of weeks ago, I tore into the box like a kid on Xmas, but...wait, whatthefrigginhellisthis?   It was the prior generation suit!  The situation was fairly quickly and without too much hassle rectified.  The seller's explanation was that it was clearing out existing stock before shipping out the updated versions of the item.  That has me wondering how many times over the years I've unknowingly purchased outdated versions of gear/farkles/widgets; many changes are subtle and may not be apparent to the customer.   My practice going forward with any online or phone order is to make it clear I want the current generation.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Gimme a brake!

After ~55K+ miles, my motorcycle's braking power was becoming a bit Flintsonesque, so last week in addition to receiving new sintered pads, the front calipers were rebuilt with fresh seals, pistons and slider pins; the original rubber brake hoses were tossed in favor of Galfer braided stainless steel lines. The pads are yet barely bedded-in, but that "throwing out the anchor" feeling has returned, as has more precise braking feel. Job done!
Too bad they won't stay this clean.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

AcesMAD Helmet Decals

Inspired by fighter pilots and college football teams, John Woods (himself victimized multiple times by L.A. traffic) recently invented a reward system for motorcyclists for successfully avoiding injurious havoc, and to help make us more conspicuous as well: Aces M.A.D. (Mayhem Averted Decals).  I happen to believe they're kinda fun, too.  These highly reflective, removable vinyl decals stick well on a helmet's curved surfaces, and are only $4.99 for a sheet of 20 representing such enemies as cars, SUVs, trucks, pedestrians, cell phone users, bicyclists, animals and yes, even other riders. I haven't been able to get many miles in during this awful record-breaking-snow winter we're having in the northeast, but already one side of my helmet displays quite a few; that's commuting duty for ya! (Maybe I need a second set.)  Judging by the lingering glances from cagers at stop lights, they understand what the stickers represent; perhaps these drivers will be a bit more aware of motorcycles in future, or am I giving them too much credit? Get yours today at AcesMAD's website and begin rewarding yourself for dodging those bogeys!
My awards so far.

Just as bright as the SOLAS tape on the bottom edge.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

1960s Cafe Racer Culture

Just saw this video that I think is damn cool. It's new but it evokes the 1960s British biker culture...meeting up at cafes, homemade BSA and Norton cafe racers, iconic Barbour International jackets (which is still in business BTW), and "doing the ton" in the days before modern tires and brakes made it routine.

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