Saturday, September 13, 2014

Product Review: Chase-Harper 950XM Tank Bag

I'm a tank-bag whore; I always have at least 3-4 on hand from which to choose. I've used the CH 650XM for a couple of years as my primary bag, which is nearly identical to the 950XM except for the 950's expansion zipper, red interior, and slightly shorter outside mesh pockets (which work great for holding a toll-both transponder.) On both bags, I cut the backpack straps out so I can use that pocket for extra storage. I also cut the strap for the headstock strap as I've never had a magnetic bag that actually needed one. This doesn't come with a rain cover, which for me is no big deal because I've learned over the years that the best method for keeping a tank bag's contents dry (and negating the need to stop) is to use a repellant/UV protector spray on the bag, and forego rain covers in favor of using Pelican cases, Loksaks, zip-loc baggies, etc.  Most rain covers are a PITA to install, flop around at speed, and cover the map case. Speaking of which, this bag comes with a double-sided map case. It also has plenty of interior and exterior pockets, a key clip, a shock-cord web on top, and four extra mounting points on the outside that could be used to strap something down. The magnets grasp the gas tank with limpet-like strength. All in all, a well-designed, feature-filled, top-quality bag.

Update: Chase Harper's customer service and warranty support are sub-par. After using the bag only 2-3 times, one of the elastic cord loops that secure the map case broke, and 2 of the remaining 3 look like they'll break soon, too. Chase Harper tells me it will repair the bag at no cost (though not to like-new condition; it will only "top stitch" the cords onto the bag, which were originally sewn into a seam) but the full cost of shipping the bag from Delaware to California will have to be borne by ME. I fail to understand why I should have to pay a single penny when I was sold a bag with a clear defective design or manufacturing defect. The best motorcycle-product vendors I deal with would likely simply send a replacement ASAP, or send one when the defective bag was returned.



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